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Top 10 Reasons to Meditate, Visualize and Create Positive Affirmations

There are a lot of benefits of Meditation, Visualization, and creating positive affirmations. And, these benefits are the reasons we should meditate and visualize, and create positive affirmations.


Visualization is simply the process of creating a picture in your mind of a future event. Visualization starts with establishing a goal and then imagine the accomplishment of that goal in detail and focus on it over the long term. Close your eyes and imagine yourself achieving your dreams in as much detail as possible, feel how you would feel in the moment. There are multiple ways of visualizing your goals we had discussed in one of our article 20 Tips For Goal Setting and Visualization.


If stress forced you to be anxious, tense, and worried, then you must try meditation. Meditation can wipe away all the tensions and worries and also bring inner peace. Spending even a few minutes in meditation can restore your inner peace and calmness for the whole day. Anyone can practice meditation as it is very simple, inexpensive, and also it doesn't require any special equipment.

Positive Affirmations:

Affirmations are positive statements that motivate you and reminds you of your goals and work as a reminder to keep working to achieve your goals. Affirmations have helped thousands of people to make important changes in their lives. Positive affirmations help you feel positive about yourself and boost up your self- confidence.

Top 10 Reasons to Meditate, Visualize, and create Positive Affirmations:

Here are the top 10 Reasons to meditate, visualize, and create positive affirmations:

1. Increases Productivity:

Visualization, Meditation, and Positive affirmations increase the productivity of the person who practices it. Visualization makes us feel that our goals are achievable and we can achieve the goals that we set. Meditation keeps us calm and brings inner peace that helps us in solving problems and difficulties in the path. Positive affirmations motivate us to work harder for success and to focus on our goals.

2. Meditation can cure problems:

Meditation can cure problems related to emotions and behaviour. People with anxiety, stress, and phobias have overcome their problems with the help of meditation. Some research studies have also shown that people having bad experiences in the past have been able to deal with their emotions and thoughts with their help.

3. It enhances positive energy and positive vibes:

Visualization and meditation enhance the positive energy and positive vibes and it helps you to reach your destination faster. Just imagining a happy and successful life will bring positivity to your life and helps your dreams come true. So, you must avoid negative imagination and negative thoughts. Just see yourself growing, learning, happy, and satisfied and things will automatically work for you.

4. Meditation reduces stress and improves focus:

Sometimes it feels like the weight of the whole world is on your shoulders. According to many studies, meditation is incredibly effective at reducing stress and anxiety. If you want your stress level to reduce, then meditation can be a great option.

Meditation also improves the ability to perform a task and the focus required for a particular task. Earlier I used to think that coffee is the best way to get focused, But Now, I just Meditate.

5. Visualization and Meditation make you more creative:

If you are searching for reasons why you should visualize your goals, or why you should practice meditation then let me tell you that according to various studies, Meditation Increases your Creativity Level. So, you can also meditate and visualize your goals to be creative.

6. Builds courage and Combats negativity:

Visualization and meditation help in building courage and helps in tacking daunting tasks or difficulties. It provides plenty of strength and courage that makes it easier to achieve goals.

Now another benefit of visualization and meditation is that it brings a moment of positivity and removes negativity.

7. Control on your emotions:

Almost everyone wants to control their emotions. When you are happy you want to express your emotions freely. At the same time, when you are angry or sad you want to express your emotions under your control. You have the complete right of expressing your emotions as long as your emotions are under your control.

Many times people lose their control over their emotions and they simply accept it. Don't allow your emotions to be out of your control. Learn how to react in stressful situations and keep a control on your emotions in any situation. Visualization and Meditation help in keeping control of yourself and your emotions. Meditation allows you to keep your emotions under control.

The more you meditate or the more you visualize, you will notice that your thoughts and your emotions are under your control.

8. Better life decisions:

As you gain more awareness, reduce your stress, and improve your focus, you become more creative and your emotions are under control, then it automatically helps you in making life decisions. You will notice that you make better decisions.

9. Health benefits:

Now another great reason for meditation and visualization is that it also has some health benefits. Millions of people around the world are using visualization and meditation to recover from their disease and illness. When people visualize themselves in a wellness condition it gives them positive energy and hope of getting well soon. These emotions and feelings help them recover to their illness.

Many pieces of research and studies also prove that visualization and meditation help in recovering from illness. Whether it works as harnessing of willpower, or a sense of empowerment, or the brain processes what you are imagining as real, or a combination of all three but the results are that visualization and meditation give positive benefits for better health.

10. If you believe, it works:

Belief is a great power. So, if you believe in meditation and visualization then it will surely work for you.

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